Rep Your City! Games



Michael A. Wilder

Founder & CEO, Wilder World Productions, LLC

Creator of Rep Your City! Games


Rep Your City! Games was founded with the idea of bringing friends and family back to the dinning room table to spend quality time together, learn about their city, and, most importantly, to have fun!  The first game is based on Detroit, the hometown of the creator, Michael Wilder.  The second game is based in Chicago, where Michael has lived for the past 16 years. We will be releasing games for all cities in the near future.  Wilder World Productions, LLC (WWP), the umbrella corporation for Rep Your City! Games takes mentorship very seriously, so WWP will be hiring college students and young adults to work on future games to teach them the importance of hard work and entrepreneurial opportunities.  

Michael is an attorney at a global law firm in Chicago by day and an entrepreneur and mentor by evening.

We hope you enjoy the game!