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Rep Your City!® Chicago Board Game

Rep Your City!® Chicago Board Game


Test your knowledge of Chicago sports, music, restaurants, breweries, history, politics, culture and more to win the game and bragging rights! Start by rolling the dice. When you land on a square and get the question right you win money. Make your way around the blue (easy), green (less easy), orange (hard), and red (very hard) zones to get to the center of the city. However, beware! You could end up going to jail, filing for bankruptcy, paying medical co-pays, running out of gas, or worse. But have no fear, there are Helpline cards, ride share cards, protection cards, get out of jail passes, and switch cards to keep it very interesting. So, get ready to have fun and learn all about Chicago!

Includes board game, 126 question cards and wild cards, 2 dice, 10 pawns, a bronze key, and $3,900 in play money.

2 - 5 Players

All ages

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Available for delivery in April 2019.